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Intel best selling chipsets are G31 / P31

by on20 February 2009


43.4 percent planned in Q1

Intel expects that its best selling chipsets in Q1 2009 will be G31 and P31 based. These two will sell so well, that nothing else will come even close. If Intel's plan works well, by the end of this quarter its sales machine should sell 43.4 percent of this chipset. We can see that many OEMs would want such a chipset as it will enable many affordable machines.

The second best selling chipset is Intel's business is the Q45/Q43, and it is expected to take some 28 percent of sales, while the third place goes to G45, G43, P45 and P43 based chipsets with less than 11 percent of projected sales.

These three groups add up to a 82.4 percent share of total Intel's chipset sales, while the rest of the chipsets will account for the remaining 17.6 percent of total shipments.
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