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EVGA X58 SLI Classified to launch by end of February

by on03 February 2009


Possibly the 16th

Last month
, we reported that EVGA intends to launch its flagship X58 SLI Classified 141-BL-E759-A1 motherboard some time after Chinese New Year.  Well, that day has already passed, and so we checked back with the company for a status update. 

In an effort to maintain a target Q1 launch, the board is going to launch between mid-February and the end of February, which is less than two weeks away.  For quite some time now, the company has launched its high-end motherboards on Mondays, which could set the 16th and 23rd as possible release dates, although this is speculation and has been unconfirmed.  Nevertheless, it looks like this will be quite a close call for early adopters of the X58 SLI board looking to Step-Up to the new Classified model.

The board itself has undergone slight improvements to the huge chipset heatsink in order to improve compatibility with all CPU coolers mounted in all directions.  Nevertheless, the final design continues to impress us in both quality of specifications and overall design:


The final design of the board is 310mm x 265mm opposed to 300mm x 265mm as stated by VR-Zone.  On another note, raja1 from the EVGA Forums is currently testing a board that Shamino sent him.

"Looks like EVGA have done a fine job so far. Lots of testing to do yet including some LN2 stuff this weekend," he quoted. "BIOS wise, the board is already quite mature, and it seems that many of the good X58 SLI traits are in the Classifed plus a few extras. S3 resume works fine too on the current test BIOS. Early doors yet, but first impressions are very positive."

He went on to state that the board runs just fine with one EPS 12v connector even while benchmarking.  Having a second in place will reduce 12v drops by only a small margin at very high vCore levels.  Basically, there is no need to worry if the supplied PSU only has a single EPS connector.

As far as pricing is concerned, we previously reported that Hans Wolfram Tismer from EVGA Europe suggested $450 in the US and €450 incl. VAT in Europe.  Although official numbers remain unconfirmed at the moment, we will be keeping watch for any listings that may come up over the next few weeks.

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