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AM3 boards overclock better

by on23 January 2009


Coming February 9th

We just got some good news for AMD fans. The new AM3 motherboards, coupled with new AM3 CPUs, will overclock better than the older, DDR2 based AM2+ boards.

We don’t have any percentage figures yet but some people working hard to launch the boards in early February, 9th is the date so far, have told us that they've seen some better overclocking on the new AM3 platform.

The clock to clock performance of AM3 boards versus AM2+ DDR2 platforms is still not great, but there will be new bioses that will make things better. Since many AMD fans going for quad and three-core 45nm AM3 CPUs will be into overclocking, once you overclock - the AM3 platform wins.

These CPUs will also be very affordable and Intel will have some real difficulties to fight them in mainstream.

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