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Nvidia loses interest in VIA Nano

by on15 January 2009


No industry acceptance

at Nvidia have confirmed that the company is giving up the Nvidia / VIA Nano platform. They implied that there is no industry acceptance of VIA Nano and this is exactly why Nvidia launched Ion, Atom based platform.

Intel is sort of ok with Ion, as it probably has its own ways for preventing Nvidia’s massive success, but with help of Ion, Intel can even gain by selling even more Atoms. Nvidia is interested in the chipset part, as it still cannot make CPUs.

VIA is on its own again, but this company always finds ways to survive in this cruel world ruled by Intel. Ion, Nvidia’s chipset for Atom can play decent HD video, something that Intel’s 945G cannot, but we are not sure how much interest is there for playing such content on a 10-inch display to begin with.

Last modified on 15 January 2009
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