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AMD 760G getting close to launch

by on14 January 2009


Asus board pictured

AMD is getting ready to launch its replacement for the aging 740G IGP chipset and as the 760G is getting close to launch, the first solid details are starting to trickle out. We've managed to get our hands on a picture of an upcoming mATX board from Asus and Gigabyte has posted some detailed information on its website.

The Asus board goes under the name of M3A76-CM and it appears to be sharing its PCB with a 780G motherboard, as it has some missing parts. As the 760G is a cut-down version of the 780G it lacks some of the features that makes the 780G such a great chipset.

Gigabyte is set to launch the GA-MA76GM-US2 and according to the details listed, the 760G chipset will feature Radeon HD 3000 graphics. This IGP will be clocked slower than the 780G and it lacks support for Hybrid CrossFire and more importantly, it lacks support for the Blu-ray and HD video playback part of the UVD. This means that you won't see HDMI ports on 760G motherboards and it seems like DisplayPort isn't on the cards either.

The 760G chipset is AM2/AM2+ compatible, but as it's limited to DDR2, it looks like AMD won't enable it to work with AM3 processor, at least not for now. The 760G will be paired up with the SB710 which is a simplified version of the SB750 and gone are features such as RAID 5 and AAC.

You can find the details from Gigabyte here (the last motherboard in the list on the right) and the picture of the Asus motherboard is below.

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