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More RS880 details emerge

by on15 December 2008


Part of the Pisces platform

AMD is busy working on its next IGP chipset which is currently known as RS880, and might end up being branded as the 880G chipset if details revealed by the VR-Zone are correct. The next AMD Live! platform will be known as Pisces and the RS880 chipset, alongside with the SB710 Southbridge, will be part of this new platform.

Although the IGP part of the chipset doesn't seem to have been given a major overhaul compared to the 780G, as VR-Zone claims that the integrated graphics core will be based on the Radeon HD 3450, which is only a minor boost compared to the 780G. The main improvement will be UVD 2.0 support over just UVD which should further enhance the video playback performance of this chipset.

Of course, the important part here is the support for AM3 processors and DDR3 memory, with the latter possibly adding a performance boost to the 3D part of the IGP. With faster memory and a slightly improved DirectX 10.1 graphics core, we might see AMD staying on the IGP performance throne for quite some time.

The new SB710 doesn't add much, either, but this shouldn't really be too much of an issue. The new platform will also support Over Drive 3, which adds on-demand core overclocking, application specific controls, customizable AutoClock and improved hardware monitoring with adjustable fan speed.

All in all it looks like AMD has another great chipset coming, now we just want to see some faster processors, as we don't think that DDR3 memory alone will bring enough of a performance boost to the AM3 processors to take on Intel.

More details and pictures here
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