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RS880 chipset has RV620 inside

by on02 December 2008


HD 3000 series

The new
chipset that AMD plans to introduce at some point in Q3 2009 is codenamed RS880 and we've learned that this chipset has an RV620 GPU inside. The RV620 is a representative of Radeon HD 3000 series.

The chipset should be finished and launched by Q3 2009 and we have a good idea that it might be showcased at Computex, June 2009. The base of this chipset is RV620 is a 55nm chip that will speed up IGP graphics. The fastest currently available IGP chipset, AMD 790GX, is based around Radeon 3300, a 55nm chip inside, and the new RS880 chip looks pretty much the same.

The new chipset will interconnect with SB710, but we are sure that SB750 will also work, but RAID 5 would just make the board more expensive. The new IGP supports DirectX 10.1, Avivo HD, DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort, multi monitor with extended desktop, ATI PowerPlay IGP power management and it also comes with PCIe 2.0 slot and SATA 3Gb/s. This won’t be the only chipset, as there is a replacement for the 790 GX / FX, also coming in 2009.

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