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EVGA X58 exclusive pic

by on31 October 2008


Almost ready

We had a chance to get a closer to production sample picture, that is somehow newer than the one that you’ ve seen so far. The picture shows you a well-packed motherboard with eight USBs on the back panel, reset button, ESATA, Firewire, SPDIF and optical out, 5.1 analog audio one and two LAN outs.

The board can cope with six memory modules and three graphic cards. Some of the key features of the board includes EVGA Vdrop Control feature that stabilizes voltage and ensures the maximum stability when overclocking, onboard clear CMOS, Power and reset buttons with reset button showing HD activity.

Furthermore, the board has EVGA E-LEET tuning utility that gives you quick access to overclocking controls without going into the BIOS and of course, it features 100 percent solid-state capacitors. EVGA EZ voltage should give hardcore overclockers quick access to read their voltage levels and the onboard debug screen shows the current CPU temperature.

Have in mind that the chap you might known as Shamino aka Peter Tan, one of the world's best overclockers now works for EVGA and he definitely had its fingers in this design. Here is how it looks like.




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