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Nvidia MCP7A-GL motherboard shows up

by on31 October 2008


Quadro FX470 IGP

Thanks to one of readers, we got a tip on some pictures of what is the first MCP7A-GL motherboard we've seen. The official name for the chipset is expected to be Quadro FX470 and this isn't the first time Nvidia has done a Quadro-branded IGP chipset.

The MCP7A-GL differs slightly from the MCP7A-S and MCP7A-U (the Geforce 9300 and 9400) and as you'll see on the pictures, this specific board which appears to be from Asus, has a x16, x4 and x1 PCIe slot as well as a PCI slot due to the mATX form factor. However, the chipset is meant to offer support for a pair of PCIe x8 slots and can as such do SLI.

Another advantage of this chipset is that it you can use two displays at once with it, and as such the board in question has two DVI ports. We have a feeling that they're limited to single link DVI, so you won't be able to go super high resolution.

The board goes under the model name of P5N-VM WS and it works with all Core 2 based processors on 1,333MHz bus and below. For those looking for extra performance, Asus offers two different SAS cards that slots into the x4 PCIe slot.

You can find several pictures of the board here
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