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Foxconn Quantum Force BloodRage X58 pictured

by on27 October 2008


Has some nifty features

One of our contacts at Foxconn kindly supplied us with some detailed picture of the upcoming Quantum Force BloodRage X58 motherboard and a few more details about this board, although we're most likely still some time away from this board hitting retail, as we'd expect this to be slightly later than the Renaissance board.

We reported about the unusual CPU cooling arrangement of this board a little while ago, and you can now clearly see the two sets of holes in the PCB which will allow you to use certain socket 775 coolers with it. The passive chipset cooler can also be swapped in favor of a liquid cooling module, although we don't have any details of this module at the moment.

The red little square thing near the power connector is another interesting feature, as it's a force reset button, which is something between the reset button and the power button. It hard cycles the power, in other words, it switches the system off completely, but then powers it right back on again. This is meant to aid overclockers in certain scenarios and it's a novel feature that we haven't seen before.

The one thing that doesn't show in the picture we got is the audio riser module which connects to the pins above the x1 PCIe slot, rather than using the slot itself like MSI or Asus does on their high-end boards. The audio module supports X-Fi and EAX, although we've yet to confirm if it's a similar to the way Asus does it, i.e. in software, or if they've got a similar hardware solution as MSI.

We'll keep you posted as we get more details.



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