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Transcend launches aXeRam DDR2-1200+

by on24 October 2007


The ultimate overclocking memory?

one of the major Taiwanese memory manufacturers, today launched a new addition to its aXeRam family, the DDR2 1200+ 2GB Dual-Channel overclocking kit with custom aluminum heat sinks.

According to the PR, the modules will use premium quality DRAM chips and give “unrivaled” performance. To prove that the chips are premium, they use a lower voltage than other brands, and yet provide the same speeds.

Although not considered an environmental green product, the lower voltage will mean less power is needed to get the same performance and thus less heat is generated. This is always a welcome factor when considering high-end products. The fancy looking vertical fin heatsink should also help improve things and keep these modules very cool. Of course, we will reserve our opinion until after we have had a chance to test them.

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Last modified on 24 October 2007
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