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Three P55 boards in Q3 2009

by on17 October 2008


All DDR3

There aren't
too many details about the upcoming P55, Ibex Peak-based boards, but we scored at least some names and basic specs. The whole point of P55 is to support mainstream Nehalem CPUs such as Lynnfield.

The top-end full ATX one is called DP55KG and is an Intel reference board. It is codenamed Kingsberg and it supports Lynnfield CPUs and DDR3 memory.

Second in this line up is DP55SB, a board in micro ATX format and yet again DDR3 board that supports Lynnfield CPUs. It is codenamed Sharpsberg. Last in line is the DP55WG, yet another ATX board with DDR3 support codenamed Warrensberg. Berg in German means mountain or the hill. The last board is targeting Intel's media series and it is set to replace DP35DP, DG45ID and DG45FC media boards.

The first two are going after X48 and P45 boards in the upper market segment called Extreme series and they are going to co-exist with a DX58SO board codenamed Smackover.


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