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Kiwi brewer offers a lifetime supply of beer

by on22 October 2007


For the safe return of a stolen laptop

Croucher Brewing Co
., a New Zealand based microbrewer, is offering a lifetime supply of beer to anyone who can help them find a stolen laptop. The laptop, stolen in a recent break-in, is said to contain the company's financial records, label designs and business contacts.

"So we decided that if anyone does come into possession of it we'll be happy to offer them a reward -- a dozen (bottles) of beer a month for the rest of their life," said Paul Croucher, co-owner of Croucher Brewing. He blamed the theft on "opportunistic kids and a flimsy padlock." The company estimates that the deal would end up costing it around $19.500.

Croucher is optimistic that the offer will eventually lead to the return of the stolen laptop, although we think a dozen bottles a month doesn't really qualify as a lifetime supply.

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