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IBM releases high speed Wi-Fi

by on22 October 2007


HD video transfer at the push of a button

has released a set of microprocessor chipsets that can wirelessly transmit high-definition video between devices in the time it takes to push the Play button. The chipsets, which have been built with partner MediaTek, are designed to let users clear their homes and offices of the cumbersome wires needed to connect their HD-TVs to set top boxes and other devices.

Dubbed millimeter wave (mmWave) radio technology, the chipsets use the the highest frequency portion of the 60 gigahertz radio spectrum, rather than 2.4 gigahertz. According to a press release, IBM says that the chipsets are also capable of data rates 100 times higher than current Wi-Fi standards.

A 10 gigabyte file can be uploaded in five seconds with the new technology, versus 10 minutes using current Wi-Fi technology. IBM and MediaTek will integrate IBM's new mmWave radio chips, antenna, and package technology with MediaTek's digital baseband and video processing chips.
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