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Cooler Master announces Hydra 8800

by on19 October 2007


Air/water cooling for 8800GTX/Ultra


Cooler Master has announced a new addition to its graphics card cooler lineup. This one is called Hydra 8800, and as you can guess from the name, it is intended for the 8800 series, GTX and Ultra models. At first glance everything looks standard until you see two tube connectors, which is intended for water cooling.

The new Hydra 8800 uses cooling pads to cool the memory and mosfet. It has a 19dBA of rated noise as it uses silent 1800RPM blue LED fans. It is three when compared to Hydra without the cooling fans.

The cooler itself is designed with a copper base and three heatpipes, while the rest of the heatsink consists of aluminum fins. All of this weighs 505g, so it is not the lightest weight part.

We are still waiting for availability and price confirmation, so be sure to check out the update.


Last modified on 20 October 2007
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