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nForce 790i might come with DDR2 support

by on24 January 2008

Not yet confirmed

According to one of our sources, Nvidia might be reconsidering its DDR3 only stance on the upcoming nForce 790i chipset, although we haven't managed to confirm this as yet.

With DDR3 memory prices at four or fives times as high as DDR2, it's no wonder that Nvidia is having a re-think, as it wants to sell chipsets and make money doing so.

We've already heard that there might be two DDR3 versions of the 790i, but now it seems like there might even be a third version coming. It doesn't seem that Nvidia will offer a single chipset with DDR3 and DDR2 support, as Intel has done with the P35 and X38/X48 chipsets, but will instead have a separate SKU of DDR2 chipsets.

More on this as soon as we know more.
Last modified on 25 January 2008
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