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Intel keeps Skulltrail close to home

by on17 January 2008

No reference boards for partners

If the information we have been given is correct, then it looks as if Intel is going to try to keep the entire, although very tiny, Skulltrail market entirely for itself, as the company is not sending out any reference boards to motherboard manufacturers.

There could be two reasons for this, one would be that Intel doesn't expect it to be a huge demand, especially considering that the boards alone are expected to sell for around US$500, not taking into consideration that each of the CPUs will be US$1,399, according to the latest rumors.

The second would be that Intel never had any intention for anyone else to make these kind of boards, although we're fairly confident that at least one or two motherboard manufacturers will take a stab at it.

The Skulltrail platform surely is a cool piece of technology, but we're curious to find out who is going to buy these kind of systems, as we surely don't have that kind of cash laying around.

Last modified on 18 January 2008
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