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SLI on X38/X48 requires new drivers

by on16 January 2008

Not as simple as just adding a chip

In reference to Fudo's piece about SLI on the X38/X48 chipsets, we have some additional information. It turns out that one of the motherboard manufacturers has tried adding the nForce 200 chipset to an Intel chipset motherboard to try to trick it into running SLI; without much sucess.

We'll explain why the nForce 200 chipset works on Intel motherboards in another article tomorrow, but for now, back to the subject at hand. Even though the nForce 200 chipset was present, the Nvidia drivers would detect the Intel chipset and refuse to play nice with SLI on the board.

The only possible explanation for this is that there is no support in Nvidia's drivers for this chipset, with or without the nForce 200 chipset, and SLI just won't work. That leads us to believe that Nvidia has opened up its drivers for the Intel Skulltrail board and the pair of nForce 100 chips only to add some minor functionallity.

Time will tell, as the Skulltrail boards will be available some time toward the middle or end of next month.
Last modified on 17 January 2008
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