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Foxconn prepping BlackOps motherboard

by on14 January 2008
The new overclockers' dream


By hiring famous overclocker, Peter Tan, better known as Shamino, as a Technical Consultant for Quantum Force series, Foxconn has managed to push itself deeper into the enthusiasts/overclocker part of market. The first move was Foxconn P35 MARS motherboard, based on the Intel's P35 chipset which, in Shamino's hands, managed to break some of the 3DMark and OC records.

During CES 2008 in Las Vegas Foxconn previewed the next Quantum Force series motherboard, branded BlackOps. According to our info this motherboard is based on the Intel X48 chipset. Like the previous MARS this one is also special and it looks even better and more innovative than previous ones. It looks like Shamino's OC experience has led Foxconn to implement some interesting and innovative features such as an 8-phase Digital PWM for power regulation, a new and improved Quantum Bios, which is even better and more advanced than the previous Gladiator that can be found on MARS motherboard, and the new, innovative 4-in-1 motherboard cooling solution.

The new, so-called Quantum cooler, implements a combo of various cooling solutions which can be chosen depending on your need. It is a copper heatpipe that connects Southbridge and VRM to the main heatsink on the Northbridge. That main heatsink can be used for water cooling, passive cooling, active fan cooling and even extreme LN2 or dry ice cooling.

The new Quantum Bios looks great, at least for now, and boasts up to 2.44V for the CPU and up to 2.395V for the Northbridge, which should be enough for most enthusiasts out there. Unfortunately, the only word about the availability of this motherboard is "this quarter," and the price is still unknown.


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