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Gigabyte announces green motherboards

by on03 January 2008

Has dynamic PWM

Gigabyte has announced a new feature for its motherboards which will be a standard feature on all its motherboards this year. Although we wrote about Gigabyte's upcoming X48 board here, this announcement actually clarifies things a little bit.

Gigabyte claims up to 20 percent improved power efficiency in the press release, and it seems like quite a lot to us, but if it's indeed true, then this should be quite a useful addition to everyone's PC and it could have an impact on your electricity bill, especially if you've got a couple of PCs at home.

Although the press release generally talks about how energy efficient Gigabyte is as a company and that they're working on bringing out more power efficient motherboards, the new dynamic PWM is the big secret behind their more power efficient motherboards.

You can find the press release here and see what else Gigabyte is doing to help save energy as a company.
Last modified on 04 January 2008
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