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Gigabyte's X48 board details emerge

by on17 December 2007

Features dynamic PWM

Pictures as well as some more information about Gigabyte's upcoming X48 board, the GA-X48T-DQ6 has appeared on a Taiwanese forum and it will have one unique feature compared to all other X48 boards, it will feature a dynamcially adjustable PWM.

You might wonder what this is good for and in all fairness, it might not be needed to a massive extent on this kind of board, but having the ability to change the PWM configuration on the fly will save some power and might even allow for better overclocking potential. When the CPU is idle it will switch down to a three or four phase PWM, but when it's running at full load it will switch up to a 12 phase PWM. The board features a row of LED's that displays how many of the PWM phases are active, although this can be switched off if you're not keen on having too many LED's flashing inside your case.

Gigabyte isn't the first company to develop something like this, but it's the most flexible solution we've heard of, as Asus can only switch between four or eight phases, while Gigabyte's system doesn't have any real limitations. The company is planning to add this feature to all their upcoming boards with more than three power phases, which means that this is a feature that isn't just for high-end users.

Gigabyte supplies a utility with the boards that allows you to monitor the functionallity and it also gives you the option to adjust the CPU Voltage dynamically as well. Other features include the option to dissable CPU throttling and it gives you a CPU Wattage read-out as well as it'll display how much power you've saved by using the dynamic PWM feature.

You can find several board shots here, although some pictures requires you to log in to see them and they strech over two pages in this forum post

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