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Intel's D201GLY board already on sale

by on04 December 2007

At least in Taiwan

Living in Taiwan has some advantages, and during a brief stroll down at the Taipei computer market, we spotted the Intel D201GLY for sale in one of the small booths that the shops have at the computer market.

Although Fudo wrote that the board will launch later this week here, it appears that in some parts of the world, i.e. Taiwan, it's already available. Intel's idea behind this board is for affordable computers for emerging markets, but it would be nice to see a slightly more feature-rich version of this board for the rest of us.

The D201GLY is retailing for NT$2,500 which is roughtly €52 or US$78 for the retail boxed version with a 1.33GHz Celeron 215 processor. This is slightly different from the board that Fudo wrote about earlier, as the lower-cost board has a 1.2GHz Celeron 220 processor.

The board with the 1.2GHz Celeron 220 processor features a passive cooler, but it seems like the extra 133MHz means that Intel had to fit a fan to the cooler, which is a real shame. We're curious as to why Intel didn't use a larger heatsink instead, but it's possible that it would have made the board more expensive.


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