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Intel launches two CPU in board products

by on04 December 2007


Roadmap: Ultra affordable rides on SIS

Intel is quietly planning to introduce two Celeron processors on a board this week that will sell for US$60 and US$58 respectively. The products are already listed here.

The board is called D201GLY2A, and features the SiS662 Northbridge and SiS964 Southbridge. It has one memory slot, one PCI, Integrated SiS Mirage 1 graphics, ADI audio, DDR2 667 support, two SATA, six USB and a Celeron CPU at 1.2GHz.

The Celeron 220 CPU works at 1.2GHz, has FSB 533 support and features 512KB of cache. The package, which will sell for $60, is retail box packaged and if you want a bulk package you will pay some $2 less, or $58 in total.

This is the base of a surprisingly low-priced but good office PC, and we can see a nice market for it. It should be available as of this week.

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