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Asus working on LAN party specific R.O.G. board

by on03 December 2007

Has lockable memory slots

At first impression, the new Asus G-SURF365 Republic of Gamer board looks ridiculous, as it only has two memory slots, a single PCIe x16 slot and two PCI slots and a very limited amount of connectors on the back, yet is a full size ATX board.

From what we have managed to find out, it is based on the GeForce 7050P+nForce 630 chipset, although this might change by the time this board launches sometime early next year, as Nivida is working on a faster IGP, which might be available by then.

However, this isn't the selling point here, as the board is meant to appeal to those that are looking to build an affordable, secure, LAN party system. Secure, you ask? Yes, indeed, if you look closely next to the RAM slot, there are two red squares as well as that odd red connector on the back. Guess what those are for?

Asus has added some special plastic brackets and scews with the board that allows you to lock your memory modules into place. The red connector around the back will allow you to secure your mouse and keyboard, or anything else you've got connected to the system, although we're not quite sure how that will work. Not a bad idea, and it's the first time we have seen such a concept, but we would have liked to have seen it on a slightly better board.

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