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Nforce790i is a DDR3 chipset

by on30 November 2007


1600FSB, supports DDR3

Just weeks after Nvidia launches its Nforce 780i chipset, the first chipset to officially support Triple SLI, Nvidia will follow up with its DDR3 chipset with Triple SLI support.

The Nforce 790i is on track for a January announcement and this new chipset will bring two unique features: support for 1600MHz FSB CPUs, such as QX9770 and DDR3 memory.

This will make the Nforce 790i a real competitor to Intel's X48 chipset, which is scheduled for an announcement at about the same time. DDR3 is still overpriced, but people like the sound of 1800 MHz DDR3 speeds. Unfortunately, this super high speed doesn’t really translate to real world performance figures.

The Nforce 780i should support 1600MHz FSB CPUs, but you will have to overclock the board, as officially the Nforce 780i (as well as the X38 chipsets) are not supposed to go over 1333MHz.

Last modified on 01 December 2007
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