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Elsa to launch motherboards

by on20 November 2007

Nvidia based mATX boards

It looks like graphics card manufacturer, Elsa, is moving into the motherboard market, as so many other graphics card manufacturers, such as Sapphire and Galaxy; although Elsa seems to be heading down the same route as Galaxy and mATX Nvidia based boards.

The first product is the N710PV and it's based on Nvidia's MCP73. The board is fairly basic, but it does at least feature DVI output. It also has a D-sub, four USB 2.0 ports, Gigabit Ethernet and 7.1-channel HD audio. The MCP73 is limited by single channel memory and so is this board, which only has two memory slots.

It also has a x16 PCIe slot, a x1 PCIe slot and two PCI slots. Finally, it has four SATA connectors and an IDE port. There's no information on Elsa's Website at the moment, apart from a small picture that says coming soon.

Elsa is also working on an MCP78 board which will support AMD's AM2+ socket and it has similar features to the N710PV, although it has an upgraded integrated graphics engine which supports DX10. It also has six SATA connectors and, interestingly enough, a passivly cooled chipset.

You can find Elsa's website here and some more pictures here

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