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Intel X48 to cost US$70 a pop

by on16 November 2007

Drops DDR3-1600 support

Some more information about Intel's upcoming X48 chipset has leaked out and aparently this "new" chipset from Intel, which really is just a better bin of the X38. We're not sure how Intel is going to convince its partners that it's worth another US$20 over the X38 chipset, but some users are going to want this chipset, at least the three people who can afford the upcoming QX9750 processor.

It also looks as if Intel has dropped the official support for DDR3-1600 memory, as it's not part of the JEDEC spec and Intel doesn't want to upset the nice people at JEDEC. However, faster memory speeds will be supported via overclocking, but this wasn't how it was supposed to be.

Intel is already shipping chipsets to its partners and we should see the offical launch at the same time as the QX9750 CPU. You can check out a small performance preview at Anandtech and all we can say is that they're not impressed.
Last modified on 17 November 2007
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