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AMD overdrive OC tool is out

by on14 November 2007


No independent core clocking for Athlons

We were looking for GPU-Z at our friends, Wizard’s webpage, that most of you know as Techpowerup, and we were surprised to see that these guys have AMD's overdrive tool 2.0.7 for download.

Yesterday, we were playing with an AMD 790FX board and AMD overdrive 2.0.9, which looks like the final version, and we can tell you that at least with the Ahtlon X2 CPUs and Athlon FX series you can't independently overclock the cores. The tool will work with Nforce boards as well, but many options will be disabled.

The independent core overclocking feature should be exclusive to Phenoms only. It is definitely slower than Ntune and this can be seen as an answer to Nvidia’s software tuning and overclocking. The game is on and you can download this tool here.

Last modified on 15 November 2007
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