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MSI K9A2 Platinum, only board that can support 4 dual slot cards

by on09 November 2007


Gigabyte and Asus cannot

MSI's upcoming K9A2 Platinum board will have a unique feature of SAS drive support that we mentioned before here and it comes with four PCIe slots. It will also be a great overclocker.

That is not all, as the board has space for the entire four dual slot PCIe cards, such as Radeon HD 3870. The driver for this feature might be a few months away, but we checked the layout of Gigabyte and Asus and neither of them can accommodate four dual slot cards.

Even AMD is telling journalists that MSI K9A2 Platinum should be the best overclocker in the market and that it will fit four dual slot cards. The best that the competition can do are four single slot cards, and we guess for the ultimate users this won’t be enough.

It sounds silly to have four cards, but someone might do it.

Last modified on 10 November 2007
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