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Nvidia MCP7A roadmap appears online

by on08 November 2007

GeForce 8xxx series integrated graphics

A Chinese Website has gotten its hands on what appears to be the roadmap for Nvidia's next generation entry level Intel chipsets. The model name is apparently MCP7A and there will be three different versions, H, S and U.

The MCP7A-H doesn't feature any kind of integrated graphics and it will apparently go under the nForce 730i retail name. The MCP7A-S and MCP7A-U will be branded as GeForce 8xxx something with the U having better graphics than the S.

Both of the integrated graphics models will support DX10, PureVideo HD, HDMI, DVI, DisplayPort and D-sub, although it seems like there's a limitation of two interfaces, so don't expect to see a board with more than two options of display connectivity.

Common among all three models is support for 1,333MHz FSB, dual-channel DDR2-800 memory support, a single x16 and four x1 PCIe 2.0 slots, six SATA conenctors, a selection of RAID options, Gigabit Ethernet and support for up to 12 USB 2.0 ports.

You can find the original story here in Mandarin.
Last modified on 09 November 2007
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