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AMD 790FX to be a great overclocker

by on05 November 2007


ATI's greatest chipset for Phenom’s

A few sources have confirmed that AMD's 790FX might be the best overclocker of AMD CPUs so far. AMD's upcoming Phenom CPUs will be good overclockers and there is a big chance that 2.4GHz K10 part overclocks all the way to 3.0GHz.

AMD partners are very happy with its AMD 790FX motherboards and so is AMD, as these boards will satisfy customers, and of course, they are ready to accommodate two or even four RV670 graphic boards.

The board works well with R680 dual RV670 card; so, at least on the platform side, AMD doesn’t have anything to worry about. However, I am not sure that the AMD CPU team sleeps very well these days.

The boards based on AMD 790FX chipsets are already out and you can buy one if you really try hard, but the official launch should be in some two weeks, together with Phenom’s and RV670 cards.


Last modified on 06 November 2007
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