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Nforce 780i launches on the 12th

by on15 October 2007


Triple SLI comes in November

A few independent sources have confirmed that Nvidia plans to launch its newest addition to the motherboard world on the 12th of November.

The main new feature of Nforce 780i is triple SLI support and Nvidia is working hard to finish the chipset and drivers for this date. Nvidia wants to show who is the performance boss in this catch up game.

The new chipset supports old and new
socket 775 Intel CPUs and it will be just in time to accommodate the Penryn generation of QX6950 that will be launched at the same time. Nvidia will want to tell the world that its 780i motherboard with TripleSLI will be the best gaming platform powered by a QX6950 at 3000MHz and 12MB cache.

Last modified on 20 October 2007
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