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SX38P2 Pro is Shuttle with CrossFire

by on10 October 2007

Deluxe model to follow

Shuttle is about to announce its upcoming SX38P2 Pro small form factor PC later todat, altough the press release has already been sent out to the media. The SX38P2 Pro is the only current Shuttle barebone that can handle a pair of graphics cards and this time we're talking CrossFire thanks to the Intel X38 chipset.

The SX38P2 Pro has two x16 PCI Express 2.0 slots and it also features a mini-card slot which allows for various upgrades such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and TV-tuners. Shuttle will offer a combined Wi-Fi/Bluetooth card, altough it might be harder to get hold of a TV-tuner, unless you have good connections with a notebook manufacturer.

Other features include Shuttle's Speed-Link which enables you to connect together two computers via USB. Shuttle has incoporated this via one of the front USB ports and you have to press a small button underneath the flap to turn one of the USB ports into a networking interface.

Also included is a finger print scanner, 7.1-channel sound, eight USB 2.0 ports. two FireWire, two eSATA and four internal SATA connectors. The SX38P2 Pro has four memory slots with support for up to 8GB of DDR2 1066 memory if you overclock the system. It also has a 400W power supply which should hopefully be enough to power a fully kitted out system.

A Deluxe model will follow later this year with DDR3 support and from what we've heard, a new chassis design.

You can find out more over at Shuttle's website once the press release gets posted later today.


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