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N100 is Intel's way to SLI

by on04 October 2007


Is a bridge chip

At least now we can say we know how Intel got its SLI. Nvidia made a chip called N100 for notebook manufacturers which will help Nvidia to bring SLI to notebook platforms. The company simply did it because it didn't have any SLI notebook chipset for Intel.

What many don't know is that N100 the chip that enables SLI on the notebook can do the same for the desktop market. As Intel was really anxious to get SLI for its super high end gaming platform codenamed Skulltrail, Nvidia simply told intel that getting SLI is a matter of buying the N100 chip.

We can confirm that the motherboard that drives the Sculltrail dual socket gaming machine has this chip and in the future we believe that any motherboard manufacturers will have the chance to buy this chip and place it on their X38 motherboards and make it SLI compatible.

Nvidia ends up with more money from SLI chip, Intel gets SLI and it makes everyone satisfied especially if you are Nvidia.

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