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Abit of a change

by on30 September 2007


Universal Abit still has some bite?


The X38 series motherboards from Abit are going to feature two flavors which we first saw at Cebit. The first will be a DDR2 variety called a Quad GT while the other, a MAX board, traditionally the “flagship” of the Abit motherboard line, will feature the DDR3 version.

Both boards will have second generation Digital PWM’s, alleviating some of the problems faced when Abit first tampered with digital PWM’s. The cooling solution for the X38 Northbridge certainly looks like it can do the business. abit engineers assured Fudzilla that this heatsink has a TDP capacity around 75W, whereas the actual  X38 chipset has a TDP heat signature of around 37W. It seems like they are making sure that the overclocking market is well catered for.


Standard for the high-end are the Solid capacitors that are being used on both boards, and gone are the assurances that the Caps are “Japanese made” as seen on other boxes before. Hopefully this is just an omission, and not a strategy to bring inferior caps onto the board. The last thing abit needs is a repeat of the capacitor crisis seen some years ago.

Something else to notice is that the packaging has changed from the traditional Samurai theme to a wild Transformer tiger. In this case, it is what’s inside that is important and if abit stick to their tradition of making the best Intel OC board on the market, then these pair; the Quad GT & The MAX are going to be worth waiting for. Of course the first few reviews will give us all an idea of the potential.

Expect a release around the middle of October.

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