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Intel X38 chipset has PCIe problems

by on17 September 2007

No fix currently planned

According to a list of errata's that we've seen from Intel with regards to its X38 chipset, there's a problem with some PCIe cards and the x16 PCI Express slots. There's no real need to worry though, as graphcis cards will work just fine.

Intel isn't planning on fixing the issue either, since it's aparently only related to some x4 and x8 cards, such as RAID controllers and dual or quad network cards and these aren't really intended for the X38 chipset.

There are some other minor issues with the chipset and according to some of the motherboard manufacturers we've talked to, there are some problems when it comes to making their own board designs as Intel hasn't proveded a design kit this time around.

It almost sounds as if Intel doesn't wan't its board partners to succeed in creating top-notch board so that Intel can steal some market share with its own X38 board, or will it be X48? 

Last modified on 17 September 2007
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