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MSI X38 Diamond final appears online

by on30 August 2007

And K9A2 Platinum

TweakTown has made a visit to MSI and scored some more information about MSI's upcoming MSI X38 Diamond and K9A2 Platinum RD790 boards.

First up the MSI X38 Diamond which seems to feature a chip similar to that of the Asus R.O.G. Blitz boards, as it's meant to control two of the four x16 PCI Express slots and allocates x4 bandwidth to each of the slots.

It's also got a very funky looking heatpipe cooling solution, eight rear USB ports and a four digit LED display. Sadly the two DDR2 memory slots are meant to dissapear on the final production boards.

The K9A2 Platinum also features heatpipe chipset cooling, but not quite as extreme as the one of the X38 board. It also has four x16 PCI Express slot, but this time they all have x8 bandwidth when all four are used simultaneously.

Interestingly MSI seems to think that we'll see three-way Crossfire this side of Christmas with quad Crossfire appearing some time next year.

You can find the MSI X38 Diamond picture here and the K9A2 Platinum here
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