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DDR2/3 boards are not that great

by on30 August 2007


Intel engineering claims

An Intel engineer that really knows his way in the chipset market has confirmed that combo boards with DDR2 and DDR3 are not such a great solution. The reason is quite simple as you cannot correctly and optimally wire the board for both DDR2 and DDR3. The pathways are simply different.

This means that Combo boards will be limited in overclocking at least when it comes to memory but the same source agrees that this is the easiest way for a motherboard company to offer the easy transition.

I guess if you want to go for a motherboard that will last long time then you probably want to buy DDR2 board now and sell it in the year time when DDR3 becomes cheaper and upgrade with new chipset all over again.

If you just want the stable board and you won’t overclock, combo boards are way to go, and they will indeed offer you an easy transition.

Well, the choice is always yours.

Last modified on 30 August 2007
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