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Nvidia jumped the guns with DX10 IGP

by on26 July 2007


CEO Pre announces

Nvidia held its first analyst conference in 15 months and the general feeling was that Nvidia has to do a lot to convince the investors and analysts that the company is fine.

We never heard Nvidia talk so much about the future and they even threw a general agenda of what kind of market success and possibility the company expects by 2010, so over the next three years.

Jensen the CEO of the company pre-announced that Nvidia will launch the first DirectX 10 compabitle integrated chipset or MCP (Media Communication Processor) as Nvidia likes to call this piece of machitecture.

He also added that at the same time this will be the worlds first Hybrid SLI chipset and the way we understood it, first comes an AMD version and later an Intel based one, as Jensen said Nvidia has more experience making chipsets for AMD.

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