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VIA has Mobile-ITX board

by on06 June 2007

Computex 07: Smaller than a business card

VIA was showing its new Mobile-ITX motherboard for a selected audience at the VIA Technology Forum which is happening at the same time as Computex.

You might be aware that Intel is working on an x86 platform for smart phones, well, it seems like VIA beat them to it and by quite some time.

The Mobile-ITX platform isn't ready for retail as yet and it's a question about finding interested customers, but the current platform is powerful enough to run Windows XP and Windows Vista home basic.

The large chip on the picture is actually the chipset which is the CX700S, which should be similar to the CX700, but we didn't get any details on this specific model.

The CPU is the smaller chip that's hiding behind the chipset and it's a VIA C7-S and again, this is a new product. Even the guy at VIA that showed us the board didn't know much about it. Judging from the print on the CPU itself it's a 1GHz CPU with a 400MHz FSB, but time will tell.

The board has several memory chips soldered onto it and it has two mini USB connectors, some kind of an audio connector and connectors for what we guess are for a display and a power source as well as some kind of antenna.

Once VIA releases more information about this new platform, we'll tell you more, but for now, enjoy a picture of this tiny motherboard.

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