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Turion mini-ITX motherboard, SiS chipset

by on05 June 2007

Computex 07: A mix made in heaven?

You can find the strangest things at Computex and we spotted a mini-ITX form factor motherboard today for the AMD Turion 64 X2 mobile processors, which isn't a big deal as Albatron has already announced one, but what's so special with this one is that it uses a chipset from SiS.

If this wasn't enough, then maybe you'll find the inclusion of a mini PCIe slot interesting, as this is one of the first boards on the market to feature this slot which is otherwise reserved for notebooks. There's still a standard PCI slot for normal expansion cards.

The board has two memory slots for SO-DIMMs, but these are slightly different from those we've seen on other boards and looks like they've been designed for a desktop board rather than something that's been borrowed from a notebook.

There are dual Ethernet ports, S-Video and composite video out, as well as a D-sub and audio connectors, although the specs weren't that clear on the rest of the features. It seems to have an LVDS interface as well and it features four SATA connectors and what appears to be an IDE connector.

This is what this little beauty looks like:

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