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DFI's X38 Lanparty pixelized

by on04 June 2007
DFI will stick to DDR2

As we wrote
earlier, the entire Computex will be used as a battlefield between AMD's RD790 and Intel's X38. DFI is one of the motherboard makers that will show off both of them, and VR-Zone managed to get a picture of the X38 board.


Both chipset's from DFI are the "fruit of labor of two dedicated and top-notch DFI engineers; Oskar and Jarry". The interesting thing about the Lanparty X38-T2R is that DFI decided to stick to DDR2, which is nowhere in sight on Intel's official roadmap for the X38 chipset. The DDR2 solution is surely a clever thing to do, as DDR3 memory prices are crazy and won't get cheaper any time soon. DFI will come out with the Lanparty X38-T3R, DDR3 based X38 board a little bit later.

The "LANPARTY X38-T2R/T3R board supports 1333FSB Core 2 Duo and Quad processors, two x16 PCIe slots for dual graphics + one x4 for physics, 8-Phase Digital PWM, special heatpipe cooling for PWM, MCH and ICH." You can check out a bigger picture over at VR-Zone.


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