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MSI P35 / G33 Platinum combo has 6 memory slots

by on08 May 2007


4xDDR2 and 2xDDR3 and or IGP

Fudzilla got some pictures of the upcoming MSI P35 Platinum Combo board with six memory slots. We also got some pictures of the upcoming MSI G33 Platinum combo board based on the G33 chipset. Both boards have 4xDDR2 slots that handles DDR2 memory up to 1066MHz or faster and two DDR3 slots for DDR3 1333MHz or if overclocked even over 1600 MHz.

Both boards have a very innovative heathpipe cooling and it looks good. The board has two PCIe slots so two Radeon HD 2900XT will work just fine in it.

The board only works with four memory banks and you can not mix DDR3 and DDR2. If you want to use four DDR2 modules you should terminate the two DDR3 slots. This will be the upgrade beauty and the Platinum brand ensures a good overclocking.

We like the two PCI slots, two e-SATA, Firewire, nice onboard sound, six USB 2.0 on the back panel and a mysterious VGA port.

The P35 Platinum Combo board should be available this month, while the MSI G33 Platinum combo should launch at Computex.





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