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AMD adds more to embedded line up

by on02 April 2007


M690 chipset officially released today

AMD has added an embedded chip to its line up that adds ATI graphics processing and connectivity. The M690 chipset will be formally launched at the Embedded Systems Conference in San Jose. AMD has already released the Socket S1 and M690 boards for embedded developers.

The announcement is part of a drive from AMD in the embedded market over recent months. So far there has been the Socket S1, Turion, Sempron, Athlon and even Opteron processors. However this is the first mixed embedded chip.

A spokesman told Internet News that in the past, AMD had a lot different chipsets to choose from, but we've had a lot of customer demand to be a one stop shop to provide everything.

The 690 chipset was developed by ATI, was announced last month. It integrates PCI and PCI Express expansion slots, USB 2.0, display options, high-definition audio, and gigabit Ethernet.

Its graphics are provided by the Radeon 1250 processor which is probably enough for AMD to have a good stab at Vista higher end functions.

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