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Asus has P35 and G33 boards

by on22 March 2007
CEBIT 2007:
Live demo and DDR 3

Asus has bunch of new products including P35 and G33 based boards. These boards should support 45 nanometre upcoming CPUs. We are very interested in G33 as this new Intel integrated chipset might give Nvidia and ATI run for its money.

Intel G33 based board P5K3-VM is a micro ATX board and it was demonstrated live. It has a new Intel integrated chipset called G33 and ICH9 Southbridge.

It supports Core 2 Duo and 775 Pentium processors including the ones with 1333 MHz FSB. This version supports DDR 2 memory up to 1066, has Intel integrated graphics, firewire, SATA 3.0, Gigabit LAN and 8 channel high definition audio.

You can see four memory sockets, two PCI slots and a single PCIe 16X and four SATA ports.


The other micro ATX boards based on Intel P35 is called P5K3-M and it also supports FSB 1333 CPUs including all Celeron, Pentiums and Core 2 Quad and Duo.

The board is based on P35 chipset and ICH9R Southbridge and works with DDR 3 1066 memory only. This is Asus transition model that will help the market move from DDR2 to DDR3. The board has Firewire, SATA 3 Gb/s, Gigabit LAN and 8 channel audio.


It also supports for DDR 3 memory modules, two PCIe 1X, a single PCIe 16X and one PCI slot. You can plug up to six SATA drives and as far as we can tell the IDE and floppy connectors are gone.

These boards are expected in April time. Here is the same board running live.


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