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AMD makes noise about DTX

by on22 March 2007


CEBIT 2007: Small PC

Intel gave up its BTX form factor and AMD just wants to push people to its DTX. AMD wants to make your small form factor PC quieter, that is what DTX is all about. DTX comes as a slim desktop or tower while the motherboard inside can be mATX or DTX.

All drive bays are de attachable and the design supports one external 5.25 inch bay and one external 3.5 inch bay with of course one internal 3.5 inch bay.

The PSU is TFX 12V capable and the small case supports four internal low profile slots and they can be AGP, PCIe or PCI. A maximum number of combined slots is four. The front hides USB 2.0 and 2x Audio ports. The cooling part is called TAC 1.1.

The best part is that are dimensions. The small PC is 92x310x400 mm small.  This is how it looks compared to an average desktop and we believe that this concept has a fighting chance.


Here is how it looks in the real world.


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