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New Cooler Master Stackers

by on17 March 2007


CEBIT 2007:
One beast and one beauty


    The old Stacker is one of the best cases when it comes to functionality and component cooling, but its design was not eye catching for the gamers who were looking for that "X-factor". Cooler Master made a new Stacker, a great case for all of your needs who with lot of space inside, and adds a gamers look outside.

The strict lines of the case have been enriched with gaming elements. The case doesn't have a business type of look any more, as you can see on the picture, but gamers will be very satisfied. Also, there is a new shaft on top of the case that is made specifically for water cooling radiators. The lower and upper compartment can be opened separately, from both sides with ease, just like in the old Stacker.



They still haven't made any progress with the 5,25 bay doors. You will still need tools to open them. Also, as we have seen, Cooler Master is using the same dust filter for air intake. It doesn't have big impact on the airflow, but from our experience, it should be thicker to do the job properly.

If you are in the watercooling business, the upper compartment will give you the possibility to put the whole cooling system in it. And when we are talking about the cooling system, we mean a pump, radiator, reservoir, tubing. Still it will offer you enough space to maneuver, and great ventilation through the whole compartments.

The newer Stacker 830 Nvidia edition is a lightweight champion. It offers less space than the ”real“ stackers, but then it offers more mobility, because it not so big and heavy. If you are a fan of green colour, and want to pimp your rig so that geek chicks will dig that you have an Nvidia system inside, then you can be looking at your next computer case.



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