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AMD 690G gets new followers

by on06 March 2007


ECS and BioStar follows

Looks like DAAMIT's new chipset is getting very popular and it could easily become best selling mid range chipset around. ASUS and MSI started, Biostar and ECS followed.


ECS came out with AMD690GM-M2 board that comes with AMD 690G paired with SB600 southbridge. It has all the standard specifications of that chipset. It comes with ATI Radeon X1250 that can address a maximum of 256MB of on board shared memory. It has DVI and VGA output. Unlike ASUS 6 channel Audio, ECS uses Realtek's ALC883 8-ch HD Audio. It doesn't have integrated HDMI and no Firewire.



BioStar is a different story they managed to put all the good stuff of this chipset on one board, they just missed Firewire. It has integrated HDMI, ATI X1250 that can share up to 512MB, and a 8+2 channel HD audio. They ditched old VGA display connector.





Biostar's board could be the best one around, unless some of other DAAMIT's vendors comes out with something better soon. I'm betting on MSI and their announced MSI K9AG Neo2-Digital, but that is to be seen. CeBit will be the place where these boards will have a big showdown.

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