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MSI announced AMD 690G / V motherboards

by on04 March 2007

HDMI out spotted

MSI decided
to join the AMD G690 bandwagon and we know that Epox was doing something about this chipset. MSI has two boards one AMD 690G and one based on 690V chipset.

The 690G chipset is a mainstream product named MSI K9AGM2-FIH and is it very similar to Asus board. MSI has a eight channel audio on their boards while Asus doesn't. The rest of the spec is almost the same and you can check it here. The MSI board comes with HDMI out and VGA so there is a plenty video connectivity on this board. It supports two PCI slots, one PCIe 16X a single PCIe 1X, only two DDR2 memory slots, firewire and four SATA ports.

The cheaper board is based on a value 690V chipset and is named K9AGM2-L. This model doesn’t have an HDMI support or Firewire. It only comes with VGA out. Both motherboards are Micro-ATX.




MSI should announce one more board based on 690G, the ATX sized MSI K9AG Neo2-Digital but the specification is still unknown. We expect that this will be the top of the line AMD 690 motherboard.

Other DAAMIT partners are also preparing to announce its AMD 690G based boards. Biostars is working on its TA690G and ECS AMD690GM-M2 motherboards. Of course let's not forget Albatrons mini board that wrote about here.

This chipset will surely be one of the many main interesting attractions on Cebit and we will be there with quite manpower.  

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