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Patriot is prepping a memory cooler

by on05 March 2008


Cebit 08: To be bundled with its memory kits

Patriot Memory has shown us their new memory cooler that will probably be bundled with Patriot's future kits.

The cooler is almost ready and it will be tweaked so the fans can only be positioned at the 90 degree angle. The cooler has no clipping design but it does take a free memory slot. This is a great feature, since it will be compatible with most of the other modules, and not just limited to the Patriot kit.

Despite the fact that it is made out of plastic the cooler feels sturdy and it shouldn't break that easily. At first we thought that those two little 5cm fans would be very loud, but according to Patriot they will actually be very silent since the memory heatsinks don't need high RPM fans, unless you want to break some OC scores.

The cooler's release date is yet to be announced, but according to Patriot we will not wait for it very long.


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